Welcome to the 10th International Conference on Ultrasonic Biomedical Microscanning.

In 2016, we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the bi-annual Ultrasonic Biomedical Microscanning (UBM2016) meeting. UBM2016 will take place from May 1- 4, 2016 at Bonaire to facilitate optimal discussion between delegates in a pleasant environment. The conference will focus on advances being made to examine tissue microstructures with very-high-frequency ultrasound (20MHz and higher). We are proud that the following key-note lecturers confirmed their participation:

  • Prof. Klaas Bom – Cardiovascular imaging: how it all started
  • Prof. Olivier Couture – Super resolution imaging
  • Prof. Lihong Wang – Photoacoustic Tomography: Ultrasonically Beating Optical Diffusion and Diffraction 
  • Prof. Ton van der Steen – Intravascular Imaging: the level playing field for clinics and companies
  • Prof. Christian Pavlovich – Experiences with high frequency as applied to the human prostate

Topics of interest will include:

  • basic physical phenomena
  • novel processing and systems
  • bio-medical applications
  • photoacoustic imaging
  • acoustic microscopy
  • cellular imaging
  • intraluminal imaging
  • high-frequency biological effects

We hope to review the current state-of-the-art, identify key problems and potential solutions and share insights into future directions with a goal of advancing biological and medical examinations. The meeting is geared towards promotion of informal discussions among scientists, engineers, ultrasound manufactures, students and biomedical investigators interested in high-frequency ultrasound.

A limited number of positions to attend the meeting is available. Participation is by  selfnomination.

The 2016 Ultrasonic Biomedical Microscanning Meeting is sponsored by: